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On Korra:

  • I totally agree, and frankly was getting a little ticked at everyone being like “MAKO’S A TACTICIAN” with his whole Asami relationship.
  • No.  
  • Really, this boy is a survivor.  He has essentially had to parent Bolin—which is another reason why I think he’s befuddled about Korra because while Asami does make sense Korra does not and he has built his life around what makes sense and what is safe (agree, no knocks on Asami).  He doesn’t want to step outside of the bubble.
  • Also, while Asami makes sense, Korra makes him feel like a normal, ~hormonal~ teenage boy, and his whole “I’m the adult here” suppressed self is confused.
  • (OMG THOUGH.  When she kissed him the middle of his sentence and his expression and Bolin running away like the diva he is—BOYS.)
  • I sincerely believe that Korra and Bolin are better as friends, too.
  • Bolin/Asami: shipping it.

oh man yes finally these are all things that i’m trying to get through. ^^ all of these things, i feel all of them.

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